Sometime between Friday afternoon August 18 and Saturday morning August 19, 2017, someone put a racial slur and a sign of hate within our building. There was no explicit damage to the building itself, since the offending words and symbols were on posters which have been removed and given to the police. However, the very fact that someone violated our sacred space flies in the face of what Pilgrim stands for—a radical hospitality and welcome, and a deeply felt belief in love, compassion, equity and justice.

Alan Taylor, Senior Minister at Unity Temple in Oak Park, organized a prayer vigil on behalf of the Community of Congregations, of which he is currently President. This was attended by over 135 people. Countless others joined us for worship on Sunday August 27 to show solidarity. We are heartened and grateful for such support.  Even in this time of division, people of good will can stand together to resist the power of hate and to proclaim that justice, compassion, love and equality will ultimately prevail.