January Greetings from Your "God Is Still Speaking" Youth Ministry

Photo by Richard Hoeg on Unsplash

Photo by Richard Hoeg on Unsplash


We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and joyous start to the New Year! 

We have many exciting activities and events to look forward to in 2018, but before we turn to those, we owe a huge THANK YOU to all of you who supported the Youth Holiday Pie sale in December.

Thanks to your encouragement and support shown through buying pies from us, helping us make pies, donating to our efforts or simply smiling when we tried to sell you a pie, our youth were able to raise over $800 to donate to the four charities that they chose!

This month we’re excited to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr Day (January 15th) at The Chicago History Museum!  Since it’s a day off from school, we’ll plan to leave Oak Park at 9:00 so that we can have beat the lines and have time for a tasty lunch after our visit.  All middle school and high school youth (and friends) are invited to join us.  

In addition to attending a Writers Theatre production of The MLK Project: The Fight for Civil Rights, we will see a special exhibition - Race: Are We So Different?

For more information contact gloria.cox@pilgrimoakpark.org